Sunday, 30 November 2008

Been A While!!

So like the title says it's been a while since i've actually posted anything and I don't actually have any work to post today but just thought i'd babble a bit!!

So at the moment i'm in the middle of a minor project which is in the middle of the pre-preoduction for my showreel which is also in the middle of my dissertation!!!! :s
Been working with Motion Builder...It's pretty cool I guess, been linking motion capture sequences together but having to somewhere in the middle add our own animation and make it look like one fluid motion!!! Another string to the bow ey!! :D

Went to SAND last week, it was awesome
I went on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday! I saw so much cool stuff from different companies I don't know where to start!!! Although I have to be honest the stuff Rythm & Hues showed really blew me away! They were showing us the Hulk rig they used and where talking about the muscle system and how everything worked it was soooo cool! They showed us early animation tests, they blew me away, it was the kind of stuff you see that makes you want to go animate there and then...honestly I had goosebumps!! They also showed us their work for The Mummy:Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor, which was asl very very very cool!!

Ivan Moran from Framestore gave a wiked talk on the work they done on Batman the Dark Knight, mainly showing how they done Two Faces ....Face, it was very cool, was really interesting!! He also showed us the trailer of the animated feautre film they've been working on....The Tale of Despereaux which I've already seen on the internet but looked amazing on a big screen!!

How cool is he!!!
One of the coolest showreels I seen over the 3 days though was of Andy Daffys and Matt Estelas for their company The House of Curves...go check it out . It's got a wiked soundtrack!

I also saw some wiked stuff from Double Neg, MPC, Ed Hooks was there!! So ye I had a pretty amazing three days down in Swansea :D